You have friends coming over on short notice! Ack!! What are you to do? A BBQ, of course, quick, easy, and a great way to gather your friends in with the action. Ranch dressing for the flavor win, brush some olive oil on your favorite protein (chicken, steaks, hamburgers, pork, fish, lamb, duck, or tofu) to BBQ, sprinkle Cowgirl seasonings on all sides, and I mean all sides, not just the tops and bottoms. Rub it in and really let it know you are there, except for tofu; sprinkle on tofu; it is rather delicate and is not appreciative of a good back rub—grill to your desired doneness. Tip! make an easy fist with your left hand, and using your right hand, tap your thumb on the space between your thumb and forefinger on your closed fist hand, feel that soft give? That is what medium-rare feels like in an inch thick steak. You’re welcome. Now enjoy yourself.

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