Blissful Babe Remoulade Sauce : Seductively Scrumptious Yet Elegantly Easy

While remoulade sauce is originally from France, it is now enjoyed throughout Europe and the United States. This versatile sauce is commonly used with french fries, on top of roast beef items, and as a hot dog condiment. We’ve used our seductively scrumptious remoulade sauce on our signature Grilled Fish Tacos, Turkey & Swiss Cheese Wraps, Steak & Cheese Eggrolls, hamburgers and more. And it’s […]

Braised Chicken – Divinely Dippin good

Looking for something different for a weekday dinner? I love braised chicken, now, do not come for me and tell me that braising boneless chicken thighs or boneless, skinless chicken breasts is too light of meat, and you should only use a heavy stockier tough meat, news flash…it is your tastebuds. I say do whatever tastes great to you. Now […]


Veggies in a Bacon Blanket

Veggies! An important but not always mind-blowing flavorful portion of every well-rounded meal. In an attempt to combat this problem my mom would wrap our veggies in bacon. This tended to peak the interest of my not so easily impressed childhood pallet. However, even with this trick, my mom would struggle to convince me to eat the spooky-looking greens on […]


Blissful Barbecue Bonanza

Looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your barbecue? Try adding Blissful Babe Seasoning to your steak, chicken, tofu, or other protein of choice. To prepare your protein, drizzle it with olive oil and gently massage the dry spice mix into every exposed surface. For a medium-rare steak, remove it from the barbecue when its internal temperature […]


Ranch dressing is not just for your salad anymore.

You have friends coming over on short notice! Ack!! What are you to do? A BBQ, of course, quick, easy, and a great way to gather your friends in with the action. Ranch dressing for the flavor win, brush some olive oil on your favorite protein (chicken, steaks, hamburgers, pork, fish, lamb, duck, or tofu) to BBQ, sprinkle Cowgirl seasonings […]


The Seedy Side of Mustard

Let’s get all hot and bothered together. Join me on a joyous journey through some seedy facts and grainy history about mustard. My adventure into the dynamic and varied mustard universe began quite recently. While planning a recipe that required spicy brown mustard, I realized I only had Dijon in the frig. So of course I went to my food […]