Sirens Allure Bacon Dip

Siren Allure Dip 4 Oz. Cream Cream8 Oz. Sour Cream6 pieces bacon crisply cooked, crumbled and separated½ medium onion finely diced½ either red or yellow bell pepper finely diced1-2 Tablespoon Bff Kitchen Siren Allure1 Tablespoon Chopped chives Bring Cream cheese to room temperature(Cook bacon till crisp, remove bacon from pan and drain on a paper towel lined plate.Sauté onions and […]

Giddyup: Cowgirl Ranch Dressing and Dip

Put on your fancy cowgirl boots and take your tastebuds for a twirl. BFF Kitchen Cowgirl Ranch Dressing, Dip & Rub has premium cheddar cheese to kick your salad dressing and dip up a knotch. In addition to a creamy salad dressing, it makes a great cream sauce to drizzle over meat and vegtables and it will make Hot Rod […]


Coming Soon to BFF Kitchen

We have been hard at work in the kitchen developing new rubs, spice mixes, and recipes to go with them. Keep a look out for our latest creations coming soon to our on-line store as well as to local Farmers Markets. Summer Muse – delicious on scallops and chicken Hot Rod Mama – this was amazing on grilled chicken with […]


Blissful Babe Remoulade Sauce : Seductively Scrumptious Yet Elegantly Easy

While remoulade sauce is originally from France, it is now enjoyed throughout Europe and the United States. This versatile sauce is commonly used with french fries, on top of roast beef items, and as a hot dog condiment. We’ve used our seductively scrumptious remoulade sauce on our signature Grilled Fish Tacos, Turkey & Swiss Cheese Wraps, Steak & Cheese Eggrolls, hamburgers and more. And it’s […]

Veggies in a Bacon Blanket

Veggies! An important but not always mind-blowing flavorful portion of every well-rounded meal. In an attempt to combat this problem my mom would wrap our veggies in bacon. This tended to peak the interest of my not so easily impressed childhood pallet. However, even with this trick, my mom would struggle to convince me to eat the spooky-looking greens on […]


Ranch dressing is not just for your salad anymore.

You have friends coming over on short notice! Ack!! What are you to do? A BBQ, of course, quick, easy, and a great way to gather your friends in with the action. Ranch dressing for the flavor win, brush some olive oil on your favorite protein (chicken, steaks, hamburgers, pork, fish, lamb, duck, or tofu) to BBQ, sprinkle Cowgirl seasonings […]


Quiche or what to do with leftovers

You know that feeling, you are looking in your refrigerator, looking, just looking, and all you see is leftover meat, leftover vegetables, just staring back at you, well make something out of them! 6 Eggs 1/3 Cup shredded Gouda 1/2 Cup meat – Diced (Could be sausage, hamburger, chicken whatever leftover you have on hand or you can leave out […]