I dare you to try to stay out of this frosting, it is just so creamy and yummy.

4 Cups of Powdered Sugar

4 oz butter (1 cube or 8 tablespoons) at room temperature

4 oz Cream Cheese at room temperature 

1 teaspoon Vanilla

Bring the butter and cream cheese to room temperature by leaving on the counter 45 – 60 minutes. Beat the butter and cream cheese till thoroughly mixed and add in the powdered sugar one cup at a time until blended, add vanilla mix till a bowl full of goodness.  Careful to not to over mix, if you overmix, the frosting will seize up and be too stiff to spread without tearing at your cake is frosting with a frosting knife. You will know when soft peaks form, and the frosting will slowly plop off your beaters.

I love this frosting on Red Velvet cake, and we have the recipe on our blog, I also love this frosting on any bundt cakes that I do, from spice to lemon blueberry. I tend to lean heavily to buttercream frostings, and I hate being disappointed and find out the cake is frosted with whipped cream frosting, it just makes me sad. If you like the whipped cream frosting over buttercream, hey enjoy! You be you, leaves more of the buttercream flowers for me!

Check out our Tips and Technique section for application to frosting a cake that will not drive you crazy and will make cake decorating fun

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