Cowgirl Ranch 6.0oz

Can you have the same ranch over and over again? Sure you can, you are an adult, but what about your taste buds are they stuck on the Ranch Dressing that you had straight out of the bottle for your chicken nuggets? Give your taste buds something to wake up to! Cheddar is better and makes your ranch dressing a little bit cheesier, and who doesn't like cheesier?

We use real heavy cream, real buttermilk powder, and real cheddar cheese (Say what???? Cheddar cheese in my ranch dressing? Oh yeah, we just raised the roof on taste, because quality and great taste need to go together like a girl and her horse. Now how is that for cheesy?

For thick and creamy ranch dressing, use a ratio of 2:1 dressing to liquid (our mix has real buttermilk, heavy whipping cream & cheese ), so go ahead and use a liquid like water, milk, cream, or wine. It makes a great cream sauce over meat or vegetables. Your spicy hot wings will sing with flavor!

Ingredients: Real White Cheddar (Whey, Cheese [Granular & Cheddar {Pasteurized milk,


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