As I am sitting here thinking of the new adventure ahead of me I am thinking of the women that have helped shape me into the person I am today. Your foundation that can be still reshaped and adjusted, yes I believe that your early experiences with family and their values start the foundation but it does not end there. Your perspective and ability to expand your love and horizons help rebuild your structure, I believe comes from the friends that you bring into your life, some stay for a season others stay forever. I have friends that been in my life for so long that I love from the very core of me and have become like sisters to me, it is okay for me to be fussing about them, but don’t you dare try it in my presence, they are my loves. I have friends that have grown just as I have and if I met them today there is a strong possibility we would not be friends because now we tend to live our lives in a sound bite and are just passing through other’s lives without really getting to know them at their essence, the people that you take the time to nurture the relationship through the good the bad and the stupid ideas are the best ones.

I have regrets about not being a better friend or really being there when needed because I tend to be a little on the workaholic side and can have blinders on when I am deep in thought or on the trail of a new business idea. I am sorry about that, but if you call, I will be there ready and able to do battle for you or just to listen.

My oldest friend is the as opposite of me as you can get, opinionated, stubborn, earthy, willing to travel at a moments notice, can actually travel at a moment’s notice, does not mind surprises and tends to be a little more open but reserved at the same time, and does not mind being in the spotlight. Does one thing at a time and does it with such exacting detail it is an awesome thing to watch, just do not be waiting on the sidelines waiting for her to notice you, but you will appreciate the knowledge she will bring to a subject, if she does not know it, you can bet your sweet biffy she will eventually find time to know it. I tend to take action and learn as I go and am a watcher and love doing the action in the background.  She knows that to some I come off as an extravert, but knows I prefer to be alone or do things on one verse in a group, and she is okay with that. I know without it ever being said that she loves me. We are truly opposites, but I would not have it any other way, we are each other’s yin and yang and may the universe be with you if we gang up together.

A long time ago I met someone that was supposed to put me in my place, I am still waiting for that moment, but that woman can make me laugh like no other person on this planet.  We have had adventures, we have surprised each other with our internal strengths. I would not trade her for anything, I know in the darkest reaches, that if I needed her that she would be there for me as soon as she knows that I am in the process of learning my lesson that got me into the predicament that required her help and she has had her eight hours of sleep and consumed her first cup of coffee.  This woman is always down for an adventure and is literally hopping in her car as you ask, she will just buy clothes and toiletries on the road.  I have watched her grow into an amazing woman that I am honored to be part of her ride on this place we call earth.  

Sometimes some there is a person that marries into the family will turn out to be your sister from another mister. One of my mistakes is wasting years not taking the time to get to know her and realizing that we are so similar where it counts: the inside. I can talk for hours with her and she gets me, I do not have to explain my feelings or my opinions, we do not line up perfectly on our experiences or opinions, but that is perfect in its self because we do not need to be friends with someone that is identical to yourself.  Where is the fun in that?  She lets me learn, patiently waiting for the light blub “Ah ha” moment, then laughs at me being dumbfounded at a situation that I was not fully aware that was happening around me.  I also know that without frozen dinners she would starve, thank goodness for my brother in law! Here is to my fellow coupon queen! Thank you for being my editor and weekend getaway planning partner.  You keep me sane as I start another journey, welcome to the fab five!

Family can be DNA and sometimes non-DNA, friends can be the chosen family that you never knew you needed and family can be the friend that can not get away from you in case they need a kidney!  Just joking kind of, my sisters and I have different blood types so my kidney is safe for now.  I can go to my sister with any of my triumphs, mind-boggling situations, or any idea that is percolating through my head and I feel laughed at but supported, mostly supported though.  Sisters will laugh at you before they pick you up from the floor, trust me it is in the job description.  I am forever thankful to one of my sisters just because growing up you were either on the holiday clean and decorate crew with mom the night before the holiday or you were in the get up at the butt crack of dawn on the holiday meal prep and start the cooking with dad. Did I mention I am the last of a blended family of six? Yes, you guessed it I was on both crews in fear of my life as my sisters were at the time bigger and stronger than me and I was afraid they would kick my arse if I did not get up and help dad, jokes on them, guess who learned all dad’s recipes and made this possible!  I just had to outwait them and look at us now! I am a deep cleaning and cooking machine, watch out holidays! 

Then but not least are the ones that you have never physically met but are friends anyways and electronically involved in each other’s lives and accomplishments through social media.  I have started friendships on social media that we are now sending cards, little presents and congratulatory notes to.  I have never seen these women and some men in person, but they mean something to me.  It touches my heart when I am asked a question on a subject that I am well versed in and I get a thank you just for sparing a few moments of time to help out someone.  I have a friend (Ahe knows who she is) that our friendship started as an online battle of wills regarding a president and look at us now checking in on each other to make sure we are doing all right, somehow I know if I needed her physically by my side she would be there, and actually she gave me the kick in the right direction to start this journey.  I admire her, her strengths, her ability to make it, and start over in life without looking over her shoulder in regret. Go get those children’s books published!

The best people are the friends that literally call you to you as they walk in your front door, raid the refrigerator looking for leftovers, asking about the alcohol situation as if there is any to be had and do you have mixers and ice.  Of course my darlings I will always keep my refrigerator full of new leftovers from recipes I just tried out, there is beer in there too if you look good enough behind the dishes.  If you sweet talk to me or bring me chocolate I will even let you get into my wines. Just stop bellowing from the guest bath that someone left an empty toilet paper roll, you know my household, look before you sit, you only have yourself to blame and the extra rolls are literally within a foot of you in the bottom drawer of the cabinet, stop being like lazy ass family and remember the roll goes on the spindle, not on the toilet tank please and thank you.

All these people helped make my outlook a little broader, a little brighter, and gives me hope that love will conquer all.  You all give me the will to go on with my dreams either by advice, giving of family recipes, willing to test recipes and be the guinea pig sometimes wine is involved and sometimes it is a game night, but you are always there for me. You are my family, friends, and my world.  If there was an award for being the best of the best of friends you would all be winners in my life and I would be the one laughing and telling the embarrassing stories of our adventures.  Thank you for your love and our past and future memories, we do not say thank you enough, or I love you enough in our journey called life.  So, if I fail in doing so please refer back to this blog and I love you, I appreciate you, and thank you for being you!

Welcome to the beginning of BFF Kitchen, I hope you enjoy the recipes, blogs, tips, spices, olive oils, and kitchen gadgets as much as we do.  Now can someone kindly point out where I left my tea also is there any cookies left?

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