Twenty-five years ago, my future came into view as I married my soulmate. I had my best friend standing up with me, who is also the other half of Bff Kitchen. (Katie and her husband had introduced my husband and me on a blind date so very long ago.) We embarked on our shared life path, little did I know that he would turn into the dad joke king with corny jokes and little songs and phases that got stuck in everyone’s head. There really should be some warning labels posted somewhere. I mean, really!

Do you think he knew he would become my taste tester, my sounding board? Would make sure that he lassoed my toe as I was reaching for the stars so I would not get lost in thoughts and float away in my dreams? Thank you for letting me fly and being ready to catch me if I fall. My anchor and guiding light.

Love the two blessings that you gave me. I adore you 95 percent of the time (When you are not making me groan on the dad jokes and rhymes). I especially appreciate that you do the majority of the driving, allowing me to read or sleep on our way to family destinations. You gallantly come charging into the bedroom to kill any spider that was silly enough to wander in. Mad vacuuming skills, I can never get the vacuum track marks perfect as you do, and I am happy to dust as you vacuum. My use of the Dyson is to suck up the spiders when you are not there to get them for me!

I love you to Pluto and back because loving you to the moon and back is for wimps, and I am in for the distance. Here is to twenty five more years, there is only one thing left to say….where’s the cake, I want the piece with the most frosting!

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